We believe that customers are our well wishers. They have paid for our products and services. They are at the best position to suggest improvements in our products or services. We also believe that it's essential to educate customers about benefits of products or services that you provide.

We provide consultancy to build and host these educational and feedback surveys. Try some of these yourself.
Here is how it works:
  • We work with you to come up with a customized survey.
  • You will receive a custom link. Example: http://survey.24by7exams.com/rstourism
  • Once a user submits the above feedback, you will receive an instant email with feedback details. This is optional.
  • If a user submits contact information, you will separately receive those contact details.
  • Please contact support@24by7exams.com for further details.
Financial Survey
Health awareness survey
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Life coaching survey
RS Tourism Feedback Form
ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management Systems Survey
Retirement Planning
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Diabetes - Public Awareness
Do you need a financial planner?
Child's Physical and Psychological Needs
Nurturing Creativity in Kids
Healthy Organic Vegetables
Environmental Awareness
मानसिक तणाव
Astro Guidance
Alcohol Ban